CASE 12x Paramount War Display R 10/03/23
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  • CASE 12x Paramount War Display R 10/03/23

CASE 12x Paramount War Display R(10/03/23)

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Reserva combinada de 12 Booster sets
Idioma: Inglés
RESERVA (10/03/23)

A second booster themed around PARAMOUNT WAR! Featuring characters such as Whitebeard Pirates, the Three Admiral, Ivonkov, and many others who went on a rampage in PARAMOUNT WAR!

Also includes a number of cards that can enhance the deck to be released simultaneously!

Full-fledged inclusion of the new "Black" color cards! Enhancing the decks to be released simultaneously and including new combinations of multicolored leaders, such as the red and black GARP, and more!

Adding a new range of strategies through combos never seen before!


Pack: 12 Cards + 1 Index(DON!! Card)

Display: 24 Packs

Case: 12 Displays


Leader: x8

Common: x45

Uncommon: x30

Rare: x26

Super Rare: x10

Secret Rare: x2

121 card types

*Contents subject to change

*This product also includes alternate art and

parallel design cards from the above types.

Case Op02

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