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Wyrdhollow (ESP) (RESERVA: 6/5/23)

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Idioma: castellano

The first expansion for the latest season of Warhammer Underworlds is here, as two warbands sizzling with arcane energy plunge deeper into the depths of the Gnarlwood. The three Knights-Arcanum of Domitan’s Stormcoven spit holy lightning from their fingertips and quest in the name of Sigmar, while Ephilim the Unknowable – apprentice to one of Tzeentch’s infamous Gaunt Summoners – warps the energies of his own daemonic followers to cast powerful spells turn after turn.

As well as two full warbands, Wyrdhollow also contains four preconstructed decks – one for each warband and two universal decks – suitable for the Rivals format, plus a game board, piles of useful dice and tokens, and a concise rulebook filled with background lore.


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