Underworld denizens team card pack  R 08/07/2023
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  • Underworld denizens team card pack  R 08/07/2023

Underworld denizens team card pack (R:08/07/2023)

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Keep track of the sneakiest teams around! This deck of 44 cards helps you focus on your game and reference your stats and special rules. Underworld Denizens teams can include a diverse array of players, so these cards will ensure you have everything you need to hand.


– 8x Player Reference cards for Goblin Linemen, Snotlings, Skaven Clanrats, Skaven Throwers, Gutter Runners, Skaven Blitzers, Trolls, and Mutant Rat Ogres

– 8x Random Events Special Play cards

– 8x Miscellaneous Mayhem Special Play Cards

– 19x Blank Positional Cards, to fill in for each player on your team: 7x Goblin Lineman, 4x Snotling, 3x Skaven Clanrat, 1x Skaven Thrower, 1x Gutter Runner, 1x Skaven Blitzer, 1x Troll, and 1x Mutant Rat Ogre

– One all-important card that explains how to use all of the above cards, with a red card on the reverse

You'll need a copy of Blood Bowl – The Official Rules to make full use of these cards.


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